Monday, November 2, 2020

 Important Dates for Div.3

Friday, Nov.6 -Internet Safety Talk/presentation with our Saanich Police officer in the morning.

Tuesday, Nov. 10- Remembrance Day assembly in the morning.

Wednesday, Nov.11-Remembrance Day- no school.

Friday, Nov. 13- Course Completion Day. Students dismissed at 11:51am.

Students are really doing great with their Novel Study project presentations. Way to go, Div.3.

Friday, October 23, 2020

 Important Dates for the week of Oct. 26-30

Language Arts- Students will be working on a creative writing called, "A Pumpkin Story".  Students will start this story on Monday and have time throughout the week. Students may need to work on this story at home during the week. They will be given a simple criteria sheet that they need to follow in order for students to achieve their personal best. The story will be due on Friday, Oct. 30. We will be sharing some stories in class on that day. 

Novel Study- Their booklet for "Elephant in the Garden" is due on Monday, November 2, 2020. Their projects for this novel is now due and students will start their presentations this week. Presentations will continue into next week. 

Math- Grade sevens are finishing their work on integers and will have a quiz on Thursday, Oct. 29th.

Grade sixes are finishing their work on multiplying larger numbers (three digit by two digit) and their quiz will also be on Thursday, Oct.29.

Physical Education- The class is very close to completing a unit on Soccer. Our next unit will be on Basketball.

Social Studies- The class is finishing up their studies on Early Man. The class was able to complete a quiz on Early Man last week. Students are also responsible for completing a google doc/slide called, Would you rather?- Cro-Magnon or  Neanderthal. This mini-project that was done in groups is due.

Tuesday, Nov.3, 2020.

Science- Please check with your child to see how they are doing with their Science Project on the Solar System. 

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Friday, October 16, 2020

 Important Dates for Div.3 for the week of Oct. 19.

Tuesday, Oct. 20- Parent Teacher Interviews. Students dismissed at 11:51.

I will be emailing families on Monday, Oct. 19. with the zoom meeting identification code and password.

I look forward meeting families on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday, Oct. 20- Social Studies Quiz on Early Man. Students will prepare for this quiz on Monday at school. They may study for this quiz on Monday night. Questions will be true or false questions only. 

Wednesday, Oct. 21-Parent-teacher interviews continue. Students dismissed at 11:51.

Friday, Oct.23 Pro-d day no school. 

The class is almost finished reading "The Elephant in the Garden". Projects and Novel Study booklets are due very soon. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

 Important Dates for Division 3 for the month of October

Monday, Oct. 12-Thanksgiving holiday no school.

Wednesday, Oct. 14-French Quiz for Grade 6 and 7's.

Thursday, Oct. 15-Grade 6 Immunizations in the cafeteria.  PLEASE RETURN YOUR FORMS TO THE OFFICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks to everyone who has done so.

Tuesday, Oct. 20- Parent/teacher interviews in the afternoon. Students dismissed at 11:51.

Wednesday, Oct. 21- Parent/teacher interviews continue. Students dismissed from school at 11:51.

Friday, Oct. 23-Pro-d day. No school for students.

Monday, Oct. 26- Elephant in the Garden project due.

Monday, September 28, 2020

 Important Dates for Division 3 for the week of Monday, September 28.

Monday, Sept. 28-Pro-d day-no school.

Wednesday, Sept.30- Photo day.

Wednesday, Sept. 30-Orange shirt day

Thursday, Oct.1-Meet the Teacher on Zoom. 4pm-5pm.

Monday, Oct.5- Math Quiz- Whole Numbers for Grade 6 and Decimals for Grade 7.

I will email parents a meeting ID number and a password very soon. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

 Div.3 Important Dates and Information for the week September 21.

Novel Study Projects 

Students have started working on a google slides project on one of the following topics. Elephants, World War Two or Germany. Students have been given a criteria sheet for this project. These projects will be due on Monday, Oct. 26. Please ensure that your child has started on this project. Students may have to do some of this project at home. Students are responsible for presenting their project to the class or privately to their teacher.

Important Dates 

Monday, September 28- Pro-d day no school.

Wednesday, September 30-Photo day

Monday, October 12- Thanksgiving-no school. 

Division 3 families- Please return the package of forms back to the school signed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians of Division 3 (Grade 6/7 Eng);

I would like to take this time to introduce myself as your child’s classroom teacher for 2020-2021.  I am very happy to be part of Arbutus Global Middle School and its community.  I look forward to working collaboratively with students, parents and my fellow colleagues.  I am very confident that it will be a fun and successful year for everyone despite the circumstances.

Please check this blog weekly, as I will be posted new information and important dates on this site every few days. 

Here are a few things that Division 3 will be working on very soon.

Language Arts

Novel Study-  Grade6-"An Elephant in the Garden." by Michael Morpurgo. Students will have novel study activities for this novel. I strongly encourage students to keep their work in a duo-tang ( any colour).  We will be reading this novel in class. We will be working on this novel for about six weeks.

Grade 7- Students will have a choice between "An Elephant in the Garden" or  "The Hobbit".  Students in Grade 7 will be responsible for making a shoe-box diorama for the novel study along with a booklet. 

Personal Writing- Students will be working on personal writing skills on a weekly basis. Students will be writing about their weekend and occasionally their work week. 


Grade 7  textbook will be Math Links 7.

Grade 6 textbook will be Math Makes Sense 6.

Both grades will focus on basic facts as a review for the first week.

Specific topics for Math 6 and 7 to be posted at a later date.

Social Studies

Students will be studying Ancient Civilizations this year. Our first unit will be on Early Man.  Details about this unit to follow.


Mr. Tymoshuk will be covering the Science this year for our division. Please contact him if you have any specific questions about Science. Science will not start until the week of Sept. 21. 

Physical Education

Our gym times this year will be on  Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Also on Wednesday afternoon.  This term we will focus on Soccer skills, fitness runs and cooperative games.

Parent/Teacher communication

Families can contact me through my district email. It can be found on our school website.

Binders and Duo-tangs

Students are responsible for having a binder or duo-tang for the following subjects; Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and French. One big binder with dividers will probably work best with most students.  Students are responsible for their own loose leaf paper, pencils, pencil crayons and erasers. Their own pencil sharpener would be very helpful. Please check with your child’s Science teacher in regards to their expectations around organization.

 Classroom conduct and behavior

I believe that all students have a right to learn and to be safe.  It is important that students understand what it means to be kind, caring and respectful. Throughout the year, we will be reviewing the school’s code of conduct with discussions, activities and role-playing.  The school’s code of conduct fits very well with our classroom conduct and expectations. 

Once again, I look forward to a successful year working with students and parents, despite the challenging times. I truly believe that it will be a great year once again!