Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Important Dates for Div. 3 for the week of April 29th

Students are busy working on decimals. Our first quiz on Decimals will be next Tuesday, May 7th.
The quiz will also be on Percent.

Language Arts
Students are close to completing a booklet for the novel, "Flipped".  The due date for this booklet is Friday, May 3. Students need to communicate with me if they require an extension on this booklet.
We will be watching the movie,"Flipped" on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning this week as a way on wrapping up our work for the novel. Our focus will be on Poetry starting next week.

Physical Education
Students were successful completing their Healthy Choices Part Three work and we will soon be starting on Part Four. Students have started Track and Field for gym this week. Please ensure that your child has proper footwear for gym times as we practice our sprints, middle distances and relay runs over the next few weeks.

The class will be joining Mr. Tran's grade six class this Friday afternoon as we will be going on a Nature Walk to Holydene park.  Students are encouraged to be prepared for warmer weather on this day as this walk will take up most of the afternoon. 

French comic strip due this Friday, May 3.  Students-please see Mr. S if you need an extension.

 Other dates to keep in mind

Friday, May 17- Pro-d day no school.

Monday, May 20- Victoria Day Holiday-no school.

Wednesday, May 22- Rock climbing at Uvic Carsa gym- 10:15- 11:45.

Important Update!- Field trip notice for Goldstream Park going home soon! Look for it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Important Dates for the week of April 23rd

Wednesday, April 24 - School Assembly at 2 pm.

Friday, April 26-Swimming at Gordon Head Rec. in the afternoon.

Friday, May 3- Nature Walk with Mr. Tran's class in the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 15- Guest Speaker from Uvic to present to Team Blizzard.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Very proud of all the students for presenting their Healthy Choice Part Three projects. Thank you for sharing your teas, drinks and smoothies.
Please check the blog next week for details about upcoming events and assignments. 
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Important information for Division 3

Students are now working hard on Fractions in Math. There will be a quiz on Improper fractions and Mixed Numbers next week. Actual date to be announced soon. Students were successful in completing their work with Geometry.

Physical Education
Students are close to finishing their unit on Badminton in the gym and they will soon be working on co-operative games outside on the field. 
Students have started presenting their work for Healthy Choices Part 3. All of these presentations must be complete before we start on Healthy Choices Part 4. Please check in with your child that they are getting ready to present their project which includes sharing a drink/tea/smoothie. Thank you folks.

Language  Arts
Students worked very hard on their last novel, "The Breadwinner". Students are currently working on a novel entitled, "Flipped". Their booklet for this novel will be due by the end of this month. We will be working on Poetry later this year.

Students must complete two posters in the very near future. One poster is entitled, "Qu'est-ce c'est" and the other "Ma Famille". Please check in with your child that they have completed these two posters. 

Important Dates

Friday, April 12 Pro-d day. No School. 

Friday, April 19 Good Friday. No School.

Monday, April 22 Easter Monday. No School.

Friday, April. 26 Swimming at Gordon Head Rec. in the afternoon.

Emily and Abby are hard at work making their smoothie for their project. Thank you for sharing Girls! Job well done!