Thursday, January 31, 2019

Monday, January 28, 2019

Important Dates For Div. 3 for the week of Jan. 28th.

 Tuesday, Jan. 29- Josh, Nik to present Healthy Choices Part 2.  Tyler/Ryan,  Ivor/Nate and Jerry to present at Nutrition Break.

Wednesday Jan. 30 - Students to present their skits for the Breadwinner. Props for skits could be brought from home. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30- School Assembly At 2pm. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30-Scheduled date for French Projects (Presentations for this project to start next week).

Friday, Feb. 1- Swimming at Gordon Head Pool in the afternoon. 

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 4/5 Dance presentations-Physical Education assignment.

Math- Quiz on Perimeter and Area to be announced for some time next week.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Info for the week of Jan. 14.

There will be a quiz on making a picture graph and a bar graph this Wednesday. This will conclude our Graphing unit (Data Analysis) and our next unit will be on Perimeter and Area.

Healthy Choices
Presentations for Healthy Choices Part 2 will start this week and continue for a couple of weeks after that. Students will start working on skits for this project in groups.

Language Arts
Student will continue to work on their "Breadwinner"activities for this month and most of February.
Students will be working on a skit for this novel very soon as well.

A new project that focuses on the Quebec Winter Carnaval has been assigned. Topics to be studied range from food to culture to geography. Please check in with your child that they have started on this project. Except for those who do not take French. A due date for this project will be coming soon. More class time will be devoted to this project in the coming weeks. 

Two Important Dates for the month of January

Monday, January 21- Pro-d day no school.

Wednesday, January 23- Student Led Conferences in the afternoon.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year to Everyone!  Important information for the month of January.

Students are reviewing their work on graphs and our quiz on making graphs will be early next week.
Students are responsible for completing a graphing booklet by this Friday.

Language Arts
We will be starting a new novel this Tuesday, January 8th called "The Breadwinner". Students will be required to complete a booklet for this novel study.  Students will also making a shoebox diorama. We will be working on this novel for about six weeks. 

Physical Education
Our division will be doing a unit on dance. All three classes are also going swimming this Friday, January 11th in the afternoon.  Students are asked to dress warmly as we are walking to Gordon Head Rec. Centre that day.

Healthy Choices
Students are very close to completing their project on Social Community Health. Presentations will start later this week and continue into next week.

Important dates coming up

Friday, January 11th- Swimming at Gordon Head Rec.

Tuesday, January 15th-Math quiz on Graphs

Monday, January 21th- Pro-d day- no school for students

Wednesday, January 23rd- Student Led Conferences in the afternoon. Students dismissed at 11:51 for the day.