Thursday, June 20, 2019

Important Dates-Please Note




Thank you to all the families of Division 3 for your support this year. It was a very enjoyable year for me and I am proud of the student's efforts throughout the year.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Important Dates for Div. 3

Tues, Jun 11- Poetry Cafe-Students are encouraged to bring a snack to share.

Wed, Jun, 12-Climbing at Carsa in the morning.

Fri. Jun. 14- Star Wars Movie in the afternoon for all the Grade 6 English students to celebrate our Space unit for Science. 


Thurs, Jun 20- Montague Park in the afternoon. Frozen treats will be available for the kids on this afternoon.

Wed, Jun. 26- Movie at Cinecenta in the morning. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Important Dates for the week of May 21. 

Wednesday, May 22- Grade 6 Immunizations in the morning.


Friday, May 24- Math quiz on Decimals. Students are to study for this quiz this Thursday evening.

Wednesday, May 29- Healthy Choices Part 4 due- Presentations will start around this due date.

Friday, May, 31- Field Trip to Goldstream Park. Please return your permission slip for this if you have not already done so. 

Friday, June 7- Course Completion Day- Students dismissed at 11:35 am.

Great Job Jerry on your Healthy Choices Part 3!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Important Dates for Div. 3

Wednesday, May 15-Guest Speaker in the morning

Friday, May 17-Pro-d day. No School.  

Monday, May 20- Victoria Day-No School.

Wednesday, May 22- Rock climbing at Uvic.

Wednesday, May 29- Healthy Choices Project due.

Friday, May 31- All day field trip to Goldstream Park. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Important Dates for Div. 3 for the week of April 29th

Students are busy working on decimals. Our first quiz on Decimals will be next Tuesday, May 7th.
The quiz will also be on Percent.

Language Arts
Students are close to completing a booklet for the novel, "Flipped".  The due date for this booklet is Friday, May 3. Students need to communicate with me if they require an extension on this booklet.
We will be watching the movie,"Flipped" on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning this week as a way on wrapping up our work for the novel. Our focus will be on Poetry starting next week.

Physical Education
Students were successful completing their Healthy Choices Part Three work and we will soon be starting on Part Four. Students have started Track and Field for gym this week. Please ensure that your child has proper footwear for gym times as we practice our sprints, middle distances and relay runs over the next few weeks.

The class will be joining Mr. Tran's grade six class this Friday afternoon as we will be going on a Nature Walk to Holydene park.  Students are encouraged to be prepared for warmer weather on this day as this walk will take up most of the afternoon. 

French comic strip due this Friday, May 3.  Students-please see Mr. S if you need an extension.

 Other dates to keep in mind

Friday, May 17- Pro-d day no school.

Monday, May 20- Victoria Day Holiday-no school.

Wednesday, May 22- Rock climbing at Uvic Carsa gym- 10:15- 11:45.

Important Update!- Field trip notice for Goldstream Park going home soon! Look for it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Important Dates for the week of April 23rd

Wednesday, April 24 - School Assembly at 2 pm.

Friday, April 26-Swimming at Gordon Head Rec. in the afternoon.

Friday, May 3- Nature Walk with Mr. Tran's class in the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 15- Guest Speaker from Uvic to present to Team Blizzard.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Very proud of all the students for presenting their Healthy Choice Part Three projects. Thank you for sharing your teas, drinks and smoothies.
Please check the blog next week for details about upcoming events and assignments. 
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Important information for Division 3

Students are now working hard on Fractions in Math. There will be a quiz on Improper fractions and Mixed Numbers next week. Actual date to be announced soon. Students were successful in completing their work with Geometry.

Physical Education
Students are close to finishing their unit on Badminton in the gym and they will soon be working on co-operative games outside on the field. 
Students have started presenting their work for Healthy Choices Part 3. All of these presentations must be complete before we start on Healthy Choices Part 4. Please check in with your child that they are getting ready to present their project which includes sharing a drink/tea/smoothie. Thank you folks.

Language  Arts
Students worked very hard on their last novel, "The Breadwinner". Students are currently working on a novel entitled, "Flipped". Their booklet for this novel will be due by the end of this month. We will be working on Poetry later this year.

Students must complete two posters in the very near future. One poster is entitled, "Qu'est-ce c'est" and the other "Ma Famille". Please check in with your child that they have completed these two posters. 

Important Dates

Friday, April 12 Pro-d day. No School. 

Friday, April 19 Good Friday. No School.

Monday, April 22 Easter Monday. No School.

Friday, April. 26 Swimming at Gordon Head Rec. in the afternoon.

Emily and Abby are hard at work making their smoothie for their project. Thank you for sharing Girls! Job well done!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Important Dates for Div. 3 for March and April

Friday, March 15th -Movie at Cinecenta (Incredibles 2). Students can bring money for the concession.

Saturday, March 16th-Sunday, March 31- Spring Break

Monday, April 1-Students are back to school

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2nd and 3rd-/Students continue to present their Healthy Choices Part 3. Students are to be sharing a drink/smoothie/tea that they found to have health benefits.

Friday, April 12-Pro-d day. No School.

Friday, April 19-Good Friday (Easter Break). No School.

Monday, April 22- Easter Monday. No School

Friday, April 26- Swimming at Gordon Head in the afternoon. 

Hanlin and Nifemi sharing Green Tea and health facts about it. Way to go, boys!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Important Info for Div. 3 for the week of Mar. 4

Students have been working hard on their Geometry assignments and the class will ready for a quiz by the end of this week.  Topics covered include, lines, line segment and rays, angles, polygons, quadrilaterals and triangles.

Language Arts
Students have completed their Breadwinner booklet and they are now working on a new novel called Flipped. Students have the option of presenting their Breadwinner dioramas sometime later this week. 

Physical Education
Students are almost finished with Volleyball and we are starting Badminton next week.

Healthy Choices
Some students will be ready to share their project sometime next week. Please check in with your child if they are bringing a smoothie or juice to share with the class.

Important Dates

Friday, Mar. 8- Math Quiz on Geometry

Wednesday, Mar. 13- Report Cards going home

Friday, Mar. 15- Movie at Cinecenta in the morning. NEWSLETTER FOR THIS MOVIE IS COMING SOON. 

Example of a diorama for The Breadwinner

Friday, February 15, 2019

Important information for Division 3;

Students were successful in completing a unit on Area and Perimeter and they will start a new unit on Geometry starting next week( Feb.19).

Language Arts
Students must finish their Breadwinner booklets by Thursday, Feb. 21. Their dioramas need to be complete one week later on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Physical Education
Students did a good job with their Healthy Choices Part 2 project and they are now working on Part 3 which requires sharing a smoothie, juice or tea with the class. Please contact me if you have any questions about this project. The class is working on Volleyball skills in the gym.

Social Studies
Please check with your child that they have completed their work on UN global goals(presentations).

Important Dates

Monday, Feb 18-Family Day-Holiday.

Wednesday, Feb.20-Guest speaker from Uvic to talk about climate change.

Thursday, Feb..21-Breadwinner booklet due.

Friday, Feb 22-Course Completion Day. Students dismissed at 11:35am.

Monday, February 4, 2019

For the week of Feb. 4th

There will be a quiz on Area and Perimeter tomorrow Tuesday, Feb. 5. Students will need to review their work tonight. Notes for this quiz was reviewed today in class.

Social Studies
Check with your child as to when they are presenting their UN global goals.

Mixture and Solutions party this Friday. Science quiz next Monday, Feb. 11.

Physical Education
Dance presentations taking place this week. Healthy Choices Part 2 almost all wrapped up. Healthy Choices Part 3 will start this week. Check the next blog for details about this project.

Language Arts
Students are busy working on dioramas for "The Breadwinner".  Students may need to bring in supplies from home to complete this diorama. Their booklet for this novel will be due Tuesday, February 19th.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Monday, January 28, 2019

Important Dates For Div. 3 for the week of Jan. 28th.

 Tuesday, Jan. 29- Josh, Nik to present Healthy Choices Part 2.  Tyler/Ryan,  Ivor/Nate and Jerry to present at Nutrition Break.

Wednesday Jan. 30 - Students to present their skits for the Breadwinner. Props for skits could be brought from home. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30- School Assembly At 2pm. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30-Scheduled date for French Projects (Presentations for this project to start next week).

Friday, Feb. 1- Swimming at Gordon Head Pool in the afternoon. 

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 4/5 Dance presentations-Physical Education assignment.

Math- Quiz on Perimeter and Area to be announced for some time next week.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Info for the week of Jan. 14.

There will be a quiz on making a picture graph and a bar graph this Wednesday. This will conclude our Graphing unit (Data Analysis) and our next unit will be on Perimeter and Area.

Healthy Choices
Presentations for Healthy Choices Part 2 will start this week and continue for a couple of weeks after that. Students will start working on skits for this project in groups.

Language Arts
Student will continue to work on their "Breadwinner"activities for this month and most of February.
Students will be working on a skit for this novel very soon as well.

A new project that focuses on the Quebec Winter Carnaval has been assigned. Topics to be studied range from food to culture to geography. Please check in with your child that they have started on this project. Except for those who do not take French. A due date for this project will be coming soon. More class time will be devoted to this project in the coming weeks. 

Two Important Dates for the month of January

Monday, January 21- Pro-d day no school.

Wednesday, January 23- Student Led Conferences in the afternoon.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year to Everyone!  Important information for the month of January.

Students are reviewing their work on graphs and our quiz on making graphs will be early next week.
Students are responsible for completing a graphing booklet by this Friday.

Language Arts
We will be starting a new novel this Tuesday, January 8th called "The Breadwinner". Students will be required to complete a booklet for this novel study.  Students will also making a shoebox diorama. We will be working on this novel for about six weeks. 

Physical Education
Our division will be doing a unit on dance. All three classes are also going swimming this Friday, January 11th in the afternoon.  Students are asked to dress warmly as we are walking to Gordon Head Rec. Centre that day.

Healthy Choices
Students are very close to completing their project on Social Community Health. Presentations will start later this week and continue into next week.

Important dates coming up

Friday, January 11th- Swimming at Gordon Head Rec.

Tuesday, January 15th-Math quiz on Graphs

Monday, January 21th- Pro-d day- no school for students

Wednesday, January 23rd- Student Led Conferences in the afternoon. Students dismissed at 11:51 for the day.