Monday, April 25, 2016

Happenings for the week of Monday April 25-29th for Division 3

-The class is currently working on percent and last week's Fractions quiz should have made it home by now. Students scored well on this quiz.

Language Arts
-Students have been working on Story Stories lately. Topics have ranged from famous people to sea life. We will be looking at more persuasive writing this week for our Language Arts.

Social Studies
-Students are working through a booklet on Japan and have done some marvelous group work that looked at analyzing Daily Life and Foods.
-Our long term project on Japan has begun. Please check in with your son or daughter that they have started on this project. The project is due, Wednesday, May 25th

Physical Education
-Students are making a better effort by coming prepared to gym class lately and I am proud of them for that.  Badminton skills continue this week.
-Students received a French booklet that is to be complete by the end of term (June 3)
French works continues on Friday only.

Important dates this week

Monday-No School
Tuesday-Family Education talk
Wednesday-Boys group/Girls group last block
Friday-Field trip in the afternoon to Uvic

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Raffle basket for Division 3

Parents and students of Division 3

I need your help. The class is responsible for collecting items for an upcoming raffle. The theme is basically art supplies. Paints, special markers, drawing paper, etc.  The deadline is this Friday to bring items in but I am sure that we can extend it to another day or two. Thank you so much for continued support.

Photo of basket them information for Division 3

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happenings for the week of April 18-23

Language Arts
-Students are doing a wonderful job of presenting their diorama projects to the class. Students have worked very hard assembling these diorama and their hard work is paying off!
A reminder that all Breadwinner and Legend Pursuit Novels are now due and need to be handed in to Mr. S.

-Lately, there are been some issues around missing textbooks. Please if possible, check in with your child to see that they have their Math textbook.  Most of them should have a Social Studies textbook and a Science textbook.  WE WILL BE  TAKING INVENTORY VERY SOON SO WE DON'T HAVE ANY ISSUES COME THE END OF YEAR.

-Students are almost finished with Fractions so there will be a quiz on Fractions this Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

Social Studies
-Students are hard at work with their Japan studies and a major project will be assigned  this Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016. A criteria sheet will be posted on the blog for next week.

-A project on Extreme Environments will be assigned next week. Details to follow on next week's blog.

-Just a friendly reminder that next Monday, April 25th is the Pro-d day here at Arbutus.

-Students are also reminded to bring back their report card folder if they are still at home.

Garrett's Breadwinner Diorama Project!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome to our new address.  The blog however is virtually the same!

Important information to share with you this week (April 11-15) include:

-Students are working well with their fractions work and I am proud of them for that!  Our first little quiz on fractions will take place next week. Details to follow.

Language Arts
-Students have been working on smaller writing assignments lately. Our three latest one include, "Revealing a Theme", "A Recipe for Success" and making their own rubric. 

Social Studies
-Students are working well with their Japan group work. Topics covered so far include Money, Clothing, Chores, Housing and School life.

-Our work with Extreme Environments continue with our textbook, Science Probe 6. We will be looking at protection from Extreme Environments and Exploring beneath the Ocean next.

Physical Education
-Students are practicing their badminton skills, taking a fitness run on Wednesday and playing cooperative games when our gym times are outside.
Important Dates to remember
-Monday, April 25 Pro-D
-Wednesday, April 27 School Assembly
-Friday, May 13  Swimming at Gordon Head Pool in the afternoon.

Wanjia, Kate and Millia's Social Studies poster on Japan.

Our Blog has Changed

Welcome to the new Division 3 Blog by Mr. Scigliano.