Friday, February 15, 2019

Important information for Division 3;

Students were successful in completing a unit on Area and Perimeter and they will start a new unit on Geometry starting next week( Feb.19).

Language Arts
Students must finish their Breadwinner booklets by Thursday, Feb. 21. Their dioramas need to be complete one week later on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Physical Education
Students did a good job with their Healthy Choices Part 2 project and they are now working on Part 3 which requires sharing a smoothie, juice or tea with the class. Please contact me if you have any questions about this project. The class is working on Volleyball skills in the gym.

Social Studies
Please check with your child that they have completed their work on UN global goals(presentations).

Important Dates

Monday, Feb 18-Family Day-Holiday.

Wednesday, Feb.20-Guest speaker from Uvic to talk about climate change.

Thursday, Feb..21-Breadwinner booklet due.

Friday, Feb 22-Course Completion Day. Students dismissed at 11:35am.

Monday, February 4, 2019

For the week of Feb. 4th

There will be a quiz on Area and Perimeter tomorrow Tuesday, Feb. 5. Students will need to review their work tonight. Notes for this quiz was reviewed today in class.

Social Studies
Check with your child as to when they are presenting their UN global goals.

Mixture and Solutions party this Friday. Science quiz next Monday, Feb. 11.

Physical Education
Dance presentations taking place this week. Healthy Choices Part 2 almost all wrapped up. Healthy Choices Part 3 will start this week. Check the next blog for details about this project.

Language Arts
Students are busy working on dioramas for "The Breadwinner".  Students may need to bring in supplies from home to complete this diorama. Their booklet for this novel will be due Tuesday, February 19th.