Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome to our new address.  The blog however is virtually the same!

Important information to share with you this week (April 11-15) include:

-Students are working well with their fractions work and I am proud of them for that!  Our first little quiz on fractions will take place next week. Details to follow.

Language Arts
-Students have been working on smaller writing assignments lately. Our three latest one include, "Revealing a Theme", "A Recipe for Success" and making their own rubric. 

Social Studies
-Students are working well with their Japan group work. Topics covered so far include Money, Clothing, Chores, Housing and School life.

-Our work with Extreme Environments continue with our textbook, Science Probe 6. We will be looking at protection from Extreme Environments and Exploring beneath the Ocean next.

Physical Education
-Students are practicing their badminton skills, taking a fitness run on Wednesday and playing cooperative games when our gym times are outside.
Important Dates to remember
-Monday, April 25 Pro-D
-Wednesday, April 27 School Assembly
-Friday, May 13  Swimming at Gordon Head Pool in the afternoon.

Wanjia, Kate and Millia's Social Studies poster on Japan.

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