Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Important Dates and Announcements for Div.3

-A short quiz on Place Value tomorrow. The class has reviewed the kind of questions that will be asked.

Language Arts
-Students should be well on their way with their project ( Elephants or WW2 or Germany). Please check in with your child to see how they are progressing.  This project is due at the end of October.

-Please check in with your child that they are also completing their booklet for this novel. I have handed out a checklist so students can see what their booklet should include.  

Healthy Choices
-Students have started on a Healthy Choices project that connects to big ideas with our P.E.and Science cirriculum.  
I have provided students with a criteria sheet for this project and it will be due later in November.

Important Dates

Wednesday, Sept. 27- Assembly and grand opening of the gym.

Friday, Sept. 29- Orange Shirt Day.

Friday, Sept. 29- Terry Fox run in the afternoon.

Friday, Oct. 6 -Swimming at Gordon Head Pool in the afternoon.

Monday, Oct. 9- Thanksgiving Holiday - No school. 

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