Thursday, September 21, 2017

Important Dates and Notices for Division 3 for the week of  September 18th

-We are currently working on Whole Numbers.  You could check in with your child to see that have completed their work on Understanding Large Numbers now due. Our next assignment is on Comparing Numbers.  A quiz on Math will take place in about a weeks time.

Language Arts
-We are starting on a project for An Elephant in the Garden. Students are to choose one of three topics; Elephants,  World War 2 or Germany. I have provided a criteria sheet for every student. Please check in with your child that they understand the expectations set out.  Due date for this project will be Monday, October 30th. 

Physical Education
-Our first swimming time is quickly approaching (Oct.6). Please return the blue swimming forms as soon as possible.

A sample project on Germany.


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